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Tue Nov 13 17:32:44 UTC 2012

#10804: include workflow manager
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Comment (by frapell):

 Here's a little review for this from me:

  * When "inside" a specific state, and you click on a transition, you get
 instantly redirected to that transition definition, which i find nice, but
 in some situations, you loose the context where you were. And since this
 is not a new request, hitting "back" in your browser will take you back to
 the workflowmanager control panel. It also happens when "inside" a
 transition you click on a state. This can be confusing, and can make you
 loose your unsaved work.
  * In regards to unsaved work, there's no warning like "you have unsaved
 work, do you really want to leave?"
  * There's no way to edit the workflow's title, description, adding
 conditions, permissions, roles, etc (everything under the
 portal_workflow/{wf_name}/manage_properties from the ZMI)
  * The permissions part does not provide ways to specify which permissions
 will be handled, it just provides a fixed list of the most common ones.
 Also, there's no way to allow or deny the permission to be acquired.
  * bug: when you're in the "States" view, and click the blue "Transitions
 >>" button, you get redirected to the site root. The same happens when in
 the "Transitions" view, you click on any of the blue "State >>" buttons.
 It seems like these are not supposed to be buttons, or at least expand the
 section, like if you would've clicked in the state/transition name.

 Overall, i find the product really nice, and is only missing some punctual
 (and maybe advanced) functionality.

 Also a couple of feature requests that i would like in the product:
  * It should provide a way to export the workflow, to put it into a
  * Playing with security settings can be *very* tricky. It would be nice
 if this tool provides versioning and undo.
  * Maybe a way of providing a state diagram with the states and
 transitions could be a helpful tool ?

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