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#10804: include workflow manager
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Comment (by MatthewWilkes):

 Here's some additional feedback from me:

 == Look and feel ==

 * The control panel navigation sidebar is missing when you go to the
 workflow manager
 * I agree with David that the bootstrappyness looks out of place in Plone
 * The states and transitions tabs should look more like the users and
 groups tabs in that control panel
 * If there are too many/long transitions for a state it breaks the layout
 to such an extent that it's very hard to read the table
 * Don't use an asterisk for initial state, we're in a rich UI, we can use
 some clearer styles
 * The front page of the workflow manager doesn't show much info on the
 workflows, it could do with more summary info

 == UX ==

 * The advanced > update security workflow strikes me as a little odd,
 perhaps it should just prompt you to do that when you modify security
 * The permission names are understandably truncated, but I'm not sold on
 the hover, especially with the descriptions of permissions. I haven't read
 the code as I'm writing this, but I'm concerned where those are coming
 * The modify state page is quite confusing, I think it'd be better being
 linear and on its own page (this means back/forward would work right, as
 frapell mentions)
 * The Group Roles and Permissions Roles edit tables I think would be
 better under a separate edit button, and by default you can show a reduced
 groups/permissions mapping, which should make it both easier to understand
 and encourage people to use groups
 * I think sanity check should happen automatically on the overview page
 for a given workflow, with sane workflows passing silently and problematic
 ones being highlighted.
 * The help text for fields in a transition edit aren't very good, they
 should explain what something's for, not just reword their names
 * I think source states on transition edit is just there to be faithful to
 the ZMI, it's probably not necessary to have this exposed in two places
 * There should be better (I don't know how) integration with the types
 control panel

 == Code ==

 * permissions.py hard codes short forms of permission names, but this
 isn't developer extensible
 * allowed_guard_permissions seems to do translations of permission names,
 I haven't followed this through the code paths, but does this break other

 Security looks good, as it's all browser views, but I've not checked every
 possible form for CSRF problems yet.

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