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#10959: API for password validation policy
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Comment (by esteele):

 Replying to [comment:39 djay]:
 > Yes. I intend to meet the implementation date. However I'd like to avoid
 the situation last time whereby I fully implemented a solution where the
 design was latter rejected. Is there a standard process for reviewing
 during implementation? I DM  ggozad to see if he would review as I went
 but I'm not sure if thats correct or not.

 Part of the way the FWT is trying to do things now is to make it more of a
 continuous review process. Ask questions, either here or on the Framework
 Team mailing list and they'll give feedback. If not, ping me and I'll make
 sure someone takes a look at it.

 ggozad is taking a break from the FWT for a bit, so I'm unsure whether
 he's able to respond to any particular questions right now. Ross, are you
 the new FWT champion for this PLIP?

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