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#9315: New theme for Plone 4
 Reporter:  limi           |        Owner:  limi    
     Type:  PLIP           |       Status:  assigned
 Priority:  n/a            |    Milestone:  4.0     
Component:  Templates/CSS  |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:                 |  

Comment(by limi):

 (In [29947]) Lots of fixes, re-architected the structure so nesting
 elements no longer influences font size, and removed a lot of unnecessary
 declarations in the process.

 Fixed most of the the issues reported by Martin. Everything should look
 pretty decent now, with the exception of profile, dashboard and portlets
 management screens. Need to make sure they use more standard markup.

 Added more comprehensive TODO.txt to make sure we don't forget to apply
 some fixes that should happen after the merge.

 This refs #9315.

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