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#9263: GenericSetup syntax for importing Sharing page roles
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Comment(by hannosch):

 The way Martin approached the i18n syntax here really is fine.

 No GenericSetup handler actually looks at any of the i18n markup (*). The
 i18n markup is purely for i18ndude to be able to automatically extract the
 messages. As a result all messages in GS files end up in the plone domain
 and none of them can have explicit ids.

 Improving this would be a PLIP of its own. Right now we have a consistent
 state for all GS handlers. We should make sure we stay consistent here. So
 someone who feels strongly about it, might start that PLIP with all it
 nice little problems (it's persistent data we'd touch here, so it needs
 migration, some of this is in GS and CMF itself and needs to be handled
 there, in some places we directly use ids of OFS containers as UI-facing
 elements, but these can only be ascii strings, ...).

 (*) well, yes, except one part of the actions.xml and types.xml stuff -
 but that's two of 40 steps or so.

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