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#9263: GenericSetup syntax for importing Sharing page roles
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Comment(by optilude):

 On the "Can review" stuff: +1 to making it "Can review (Reviewer role)" or
 similar. I'm happy to make that template change, but I'd rather do it
 after merge as it's not really a part of this PLIP.

 On the i18n stuff: We don't actually use the i18n namespace at all. I've
 removed that from the documentation. What actually happens is that we use
 the Plone message factory:

 PMF = MessageFactory('plone')
 title = unicode(node.getAttribute('title'))
 self.title = PMF(title)

 From speaking to Hanno, we don't currently have a good/standard solution
 for handling i18n:domain and initialising message factories accordingly.
 However, the i18n:domain and i18n:translate stuff helps i18ndude extract
 messages for translation. Perhaps not ideal, but solving this is outside
 the scope of this PLIP.

 Therefore, I think this PLIP is ready to be merged.

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