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#9309: Better search for East Asian (multi-byte) languages.
 Reporter:  terapyon             |        Owner:  terapyon
     Type:  PLIP                 |       Status:  assigned
 Priority:  minor                |    Milestone:  4.0     
Component:  Unknown              |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:  search splitter CJK  |  

Comment(by terapyon):

 Thank you for reviewing my code.

 1) Don't use monkey patch.
 OK, I will create new branche on both Zope and Plone.

 2) Broken livesearch.
 I think that problem is not cause by our code. In Plone 3.3.0, it was
 already broken. Then in Plone 3.3.1 it became functional. There must be
 some other code doing that.

 3) UnicodeDecodeError and not using re.LOCALE
 I will modify my code to use "re.LOCALE". But I have no idea, when and how
 to use it?

 4) Performance
 As I see, performance of code comes after functional of code, isn't it?

 5) Functions nameing and not docstrings.
 I will rename functions and write docstrings.

 6) Using fuctions and args.
 I will modiry it.

 7) Test coverage.
 OK, I will write additional tests after I have made regained change.

 8) Don't use functions.
 I will check it.

 9) Last.
 I and my development team should have finished revising old code by end of
 And I'm going to join on "21th Plone Tune-Up day" from Japan.

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