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#9263: GenericSetup syntax for importing Sharing page roles
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Comment(by ldr):

 I agree that labels in the user/group administration should match those of
 the sharing tab, but the names need to be translatable.

 Replying to [comment:4 pupq]:
 > +1
 > It would also be VERY helpful if the sharing tab showed the real role
 names rather than just the "verb-y" role names ("Can edit", etc)
 > Seeing just those verb names confuses all the integrators who are
 struggling to understand the difference between roles and permissions, and
 makes it hard to loop back to the user/group administration, where they
 assign roles by names (and everywhere else that integrators see role
 > A good compromise would be Real Role Name (Verb Name), ie "Editor (Can
 > This is more painful for people than many may realize. It was a real
 step backward in people understanding roles/permissions.

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