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#9264: Merge backport patches from plone.app.dexterity into Plone
 Reporter:  optilude        |        Owner:  optilude
     Type:  PLIP            |       Status:  assigned
 Priority:  major           |    Milestone:  4.0     
Component:  Infrastructure  |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:                  |  

Comment(by optilude):

 Some thoughts on the review notes:

  - The slow-down is obviously disappointing. I'd like to do some more
 benchmarking, both to confirm the results and to figure out where the
 problem really lies.

  - We could maybe make support for this optional somehow? Dexterity
 certainly needs it. AT doesn't presently.

  - I think we should just rip out the IAdding guess-the-view support. It
 really complicates the code, and it's very easy to use the folder/add
 action to get a /+/foo URL to work. Since IAdding is not used by any core
 code, I think it can just go into the upgrade notes. It may also gain us
 some performance.

  - It may worth raising the performance issue with the CMF guys. This is a
 CMF feature after all.


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