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#9352: combination of search results plips
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Comment(by davisagli):

 I found an error in my initial ab benchmark.  I thought that I had
 convinced the old search page to not batch, but it was still doing so.
 Here are my results after temporarily modifying the old search.pt to not

  * old: 1.88 req/sec.
  * new: 1.17 req/sec. (e.g. 38% slower)

 However, in realistic cases search results will be batched.  Here are my
 results after reverting to the original search.pt, then modifying the
 IContentListing-based search view to slice its catalog results to 30
 before adapting to IContentListing (to simulate batching, since it is not
 supported yet by the search view):

  * old: 6.21 r/s
  * new: 5.26 r/s (15% slower)

 It makes no significant difference if I slice the new search results
 *after* the IContentListing adaptation (as I would expect, since the
 implementation in plone.app.contentlisting doesn't adapt individual items
 to IContentListingObject until they are retrieved):

  * old: 6.29 r/s
  * new: 5.27 r/s

 I'm still a bit concerned about even a 15% slowdown, given that the #1
 feature request we have on plone.uservoice.com right now is "Improve
 overall speed," and given that content listings are an important and not
 very trivially cachable part of most sites.

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