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#9310: User registration process more flexible
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Comment(by maurits):

 Okay, I made the changes necessary for proper handling of the email login
 plip in the new @@join_form.  See r30720 for details.

 Some remarks for clarity follow.

 I made sure the email widget is always displayed, as this field has always
 been required.  If wanted I could do this only when the email address is
 used as login (#9214), but there are more cases, like for the 'mail_me'

 The email field is now an ASCIIField and uses an ASCIIWidget, as non-ascii
 emails are not accepted by the email regular expression in the
 registration tool, and even if you have only ascii the input value is
 still unicode and when using such an email address as login you run into a
 unicode error when hashing the username in plone.protect.

 I protected the code against a few InputErrors (WidgetInputError,
 ValidationError, ConversionError).  For instance, adding accented
 characters in the username resulted in a traceback instead of a friendly
 widget error shown in the form.

 Oh, and a ConflictError was caught and turned into a status message, but I
 have changed that to raise the Exception so Zope can handle it, which is
 how those ConflictErrors should be handled AFAIK.

 In CMFPlone I changed tests/emaillogin.txt to use the new @@join_form;
 tests are passing; changeset is r30721. The same may need to be done for
 csrf.txt, but I am already getting errors on the unchanged file, so I am
 trying not to get side tracked there. :-)

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