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#9315: New theme for Plone 4
 Reporter:  limi           |        Owner:  limi    
     Type:  PLIP           |       Status:  assigned
 Priority:  n/a            |    Milestone:  4.0     
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Comment(by emanlove):

 I've taken an initial look at RTL and submitted a few fixes. Here is a
 summary fixes so far and some RTL issues still to be resolved.

  * [30271] Adds some logic to reposition columns under RTL
  * [30272] Reposition the searchbox to the left under RTL
  * [30273] Reposition the personal tools tab to the left under RTL
  * [30274] Moved the vertical separators on the global navigation bar to
 the left under RTL
  * [30275] Repositions the status messages to the right under RTL
  * [30276], [30277] Swapped the content action menus and the view tabs
 respectively under RTL

 Issues still to be resolved

  * The far left hand drop-down action submenu appears of the left hand
 side of the screen.
  * When there is no left-hand (on the right side for RTL) portlet the
 bullet/numbers lists appear of screen to the right.
  * Content history box has some RTL issues.
  * other ???

 If anyone else sees any RTL issues under the new theme feel free to
 contact me.

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