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#9316: Unify folder implementations
 Reporter:  smcmahon        |        Owner:  witsch  
     Type:  PLIP            |       Status:  assigned
 Priority:  n/a             |    Milestone:  4.0     
Component:  Infrastructure  |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:                  |  

Comment(by witsch):

 (In [30089]) fix the mess left behind after the too late at night r29060:
 of course the `product` can remain as `ATContentTypes` after the original
 `ATFolder` [http://dev.plone.org/old/collective/changeset/94893 was
 replaced] with the btree-based implementation anyway.  also loading
 `plone.app.folder`'s zcml isn't necessary as the content type does still
 live in `ATCT` and the extra profile isn't needed either.  so the only
 thing left is to load zcml for `plone.folder`.

 this allows to actually run tests against in plip buildout again. (refs

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