ANN: Recurring events support and Plone calendaring sprint in Boston - Apr. 28-May 4

Nate Aune natea at
Mon Apr 21 02:46:25 UTC 2008

Would you like to be able to add an event to your Plone site that
occurs more than once and be able to tell Plone that the event is
recurring? Now is your chance to help make this happen by pledging
your support to the "recurring events in Plone" pledge drive.

     Pledge your support!

We are trying to raise $5,000 to fund these efforts, and any amount
helps to bring us a step closer to realizing this goal. Help make
Plone better by donating, even a small amount really goes a long way!

Lennart Regebro has been hard at work laying the foundation for
recurring events in Plone, and has most of the pieces in place. What's
remaining is integrating this work into the Plone UI, writing more
tests and polishing up the product for general public use. Lennart has
put forward his proposed roadmap for implementing recurring events in
the Plone Improvement Proposal (PLIP) #158.

Lennart is a long-time expert in Zope, and has extensive experience
building calendaring solutions for Zope/Plone. If Lennart can't get
this working, then nobody can! Read about Lennart's adventures in
calendaring on his blog.

We are hosting a Plone calendaring sprint in Boston
( at the end of this month
(Apr. 28-May 4) and we are currently seeking sponsors who can help
fund this sprint. Lennart has been invited as well as other key
developers. We expect to complete the recurring events support at the
sprint but we need funding in order to cover the transportation costs
of these key persons.

We'd like to invite your company/organization to become a Platinum
($3,000), Gold ($2,000), Silver ($1,000) or Bronze ($500) sponsor. All
sponsors will be featured on the sprint website, and the company's
name and logo will be printed in all sprint materials.

Your donation goes directly to help a sprinter with their attendance
expenses. You can also sponsor to cover the food costs associated with
the sprint. Any amount helps, so please visit the sponsor page to make
your donation:

     Sponsor the sprint!

We also plan on making videos and podcasts about the sprint activities
to be posted on, and your company will be mentioned as
a sponsor of the sprint. This is a great way to get more visibility in
the community and show your support for Plone.

And if you would like to attend the sprint, there is still space
available. Please sign up on the participants page, also if you would
like to sprint remotely.



Upcoming Boston developer training sessions:
Plone 3 Training, April 28-29:
Zope 3 for Plone Developers Training, April 30-May 1:


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