[Scientific] Plone as a cyanobacteria tracking site

Moisan Yves ymoisan at groupesm.com
Wed Apr 16 12:27:12 UTC 2008

> You are referring to PrimaGIS in your email. You may be interested to

> know that there is a large GIS Plone/Zope project in Ireland:

> http://www.zeapartners.org/articles/gis008

Hi Xavier,

Thank you for the pointer.  I've seen the OpenApp announcement through
planet.plone.  I'm mentioning PrimaGIS in my initial email because that
is what I used at the time but I'm interested in the whole Python GIS
stack as well and things are moving in interesting directions
(Openlayers is one).  OpenApp's app (pun intended) definitely is one
very interesting showcase for the capabilities of the Python GIS stack
done by talented people.


Yves Moisan

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