Kerasia looking at Plone and Drupal

Karl Horak KEHORAK at
Wed Apr 16 05:16:07 UTC 2008

In trolling around for some statistics on CMS blogs, I came across an item at "Ask Metafilter
."  The NGO asking for advice was requesting a comparison of frameworks,
specifically Plone vs Drupal.  In the absence of any enumerated requirements
in the posting, some took the author to task about requirements-based
determination of correct tools.  However, of the 15 replies most were
vitriolic about Plone and advocating Drupal.  

That said, it was clear from the comments that most were based on obsolete,
fragmentary, or limited knowledge of Plone.  Not only is this an opportunity
to make an informed statement to an NGO in need, but also a chance to
reverse some clear misunderstandings about Plone.  I suggest anyone
interested in Plone advocacy in the NGO arena head on over to Ask Metafilter
and make a well-reasoned posting.  The initial request went up on April 13,
so its a very fresh thread.  

-- Karl

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