plone vs drupal at Greenpeace UK

Dylan Jay gmane at
Wed Apr 9 17:59:04 UTC 2008

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Duane Raymond wrote:
>> Actually - as I also know Rob (who project managed the GP
>> requirements process) I tried to get a few Plone networks to
>> respond.  I both emailed ZEA Partners and the ZopeUK Association
>> lead 3-4 weeks before the presentation happened - and on the
>> issue of GP UK bid I heard nothing back as to if someone acted on
>> it (someone obviously did - but I don't know if it came via one
>> of those networks) - all despite chasing several times.
> If that's the case, it is indeed a shame. My point was more general, 
> though - if organisations want to evaluate Plone, you don't (only) have 
> to go out and find a vendor who's willing to make a bid; with a list of 
> requirements as detailed as the one they had, they could've engaged with 
> the whole community via the mailing lists and probably got a more 
> balanced response back - if anything, it would've made them better 
> informed buyers of the final product.

I agree with your sentiment but organisations like still like to deal 
with people not lists. We need to support the people who are on the 
ground, which is the integrators

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