plone vs drupal at Greenpeace UK

Dylan Jay gmane at
Wed Apr 9 17:39:52 UTC 2008

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Jon Stahl wrote:
>> Thought y'all might be interested to see the results of GPs' recent 
>> evaluation of Plone vs. Drupal (vs Planet2, an in-house OpenACS 
>> solution).
>> Plone lost narrowly to Drupal. I  offered some extensive comments to 
>> Rob Purdie, who ran the process (and is a friend).  I think they 
>> misjudged Plone on a few key points, my comments on those are below.
> So do I :)
>> Nonetheless, their requirements are a VERY interesting read to get a 
>> sense of what a typical large NGO might be looking for in a CMS.
>> Also it's interesting to note how hard the Drupal community worked 
>> this process:
> Love those URLs :)
> What's interesting is that we didn't know about this. I'd have loved to 
> have a discussion with them on plone-users or IRC, but I guess they 
> never went there. That's a pity, given some of their (probably 
> understandable) misconceptions.

Notice they have a Drupal marketing group.

I'm going to be doing things about plone marketing in australia. Drupal 
and Joomla are much larger here. Where do I go to find out the best ways 
of doing that?
We're leaving the marketing to the integrators it seems.

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