FW: [progressiveexchange] CMS to automate multi-site creation?

Jon Stahl jon at onenw.org
Fri Apr 4 21:36:06 UTC 2008

Noted.  This sounds like it would be a pretty strong fit for Plone with
a bit of customization.



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Hi everyone,

I'm helping a client select and implement the right CMS for their new
website. Their main objective is to allow their constituents to quickly
create individual sites. So it would work something like this:

- you fill out a free membership form
- you're immediately given a 3- or 5-page site of your own (e.g.
- your pages are pre-set templates, but you're able to easily (through
the CMS) edit their content (change text and upload images; no need to
change layout)
- ideally, you would also be able to pick from some preset color
schemes, but this is not critical

Is there a CMS that's especially good at doing this? Anyone want in on
the implementation contract?


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