Plone as a cyanobacteria tracking site

Moisan Yves ymoisan at
Fri Apr 4 17:36:47 UTC 2008

Hi Karl,

Thank you very much for your response !  Comments interspersed.


> Similarly, our civil society portal is structured with folders for key

> domains while individual NGO affiliates have separate but equal 
> subfolders.  


> You may be interested in some of the work that Jennifer Golbeck 


Re:  "At this stage, I'm asking for urls of sites that tackle similar
environmental issues that involve a large variety of stakeholders from
government department officials though to county/city officials and

> Kindly take a look at  Our use case
isn't > the same as yours because regulations require us to more tightly
> users with upload privileges.  

Some of our use cases will be of that type.

> On the other hand, our civil society portal at is

> hosted at a nearby university so as to relax some of the constraints
> content owners.  We have disabled Plone's default 'join' option on
> portals.  In either case we would have to enable anonymous input via 
> changes in workflow to allow contributions by citizens in the
community at > large.

I disable join on such sites too.  We'll probably rely on trusted users
to begin with.  That is, we'll invite people to register to the site and
only those registered users will be able to upload content.  Maybe we'll
open up commenting to the general public, but the way I believe we
should approach the problem of convening the largest possible audience
without risking having too much noise in the data/monitoring is to
invite people.  I may be wrong though.  Or maybe let people that have an
OpenID account log in to our site.  Not sure yet.

> We are currently working on an assessment tool that is directed at the

> nuclear energy community (regulators, advocates, academics, and
critics).  > We will be using PloneSurvey and its ability to allow
anonymous users to 
> take the survey.  

I've user PloneSurveu in a couple of intranet projects here and I like
it, except for some UnicodeDecode errors [our users are part of the 5 M
French speaking community of NE America ;-)].  I gather the people at
Leicester aren't in a rush to port PloneSurvey to Plone 3 and I
definitely will deploy (if the project goes forward) a Plone 3 for my

> That site is still under development, but I can see a few
> especially if the survey asked cyanobacteria-monitoring questions, 
> assessed user background and skill, and collected geo-coordinates for 
> data.

That's indeed a very interesting way of collecting user data.
Collecting geographic coordinates would likely need a helper environment
(like opening up a map portlet that the person could use to pinpoint the
location they are talking about).  One geodata is in the ZODB, we can
use the GIS python software stack to display/query/edit/chart it.

Thank you again !


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