[Gsoc-students] Should I apply again as a student?

Daniel Nouri daniel.nouri at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 21:32:29 UTC 2008

Hanno Schlichting <plone at hannosch.info> writes:

> [Gsoc-students] Should I apply again as a student?

Yes!!!  Also, you have enough "fresh ideas"! :-)

> Hi there,
> luckily the student application deadline has been pushed back by a
> week, which gives me time to consider applying as a student again.
> As a precondition for my application I would like to be put last on
> the list of applications sent to Google. This is to ensure that I
> wouldn't take the place of any new student, who brings fresh ideas
> into our community.
> The topic I'd be interested to work on, is integration of a new
> templating language as a core part of Plone. The work would consist of
> both making it easy to use other templating languages in general and
> focusing on replacing a sensible subset of the actual templates in use
> with a new templating language. The proposal would be open to what
> exact template language that would be, as I would consider all of
> Genshi, z3c.pt, spitfire and possibly others as possible targets. The
> choice for the templating language to be used is obviously based on
> performance characteristics, similarity to TAL to not invalidate to
> much existing knowledge and robustness of the language in question
> amongst others.
> Should I get some positive feedback about the idea in general and me
> applying as a student in particular, I'd write up a more thorough
> proposal.

Daniel Nouri

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