[Gsoc-students] Three project ideas that could be Zope OR Plone.

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 13:15:46 UTC 2008

As a result of the Plone Summit I was set to champion an introspector.
As a result of the feature request for this, I identified three
interconnected tools, that all would probably make good GSOC projects.

As they are not Plone specific, they could go under either the Plone
or the Zope banner, so I mail this to both lists. Some of this may be
overlapping with the Grok instrospector.

Component Registry Helper
The component registry helper would let you look into the component
registry, to help you debug why a registered class doesn't appear.

I have a student lined up for this, so it's just a question of weather
to apply under Zope or under Plone GSOC.

Here are two ideas that are up for grabs:

Documentation Helper
The documentation helper will show the methods and docstrings for a
particular object / class / interface.

Possible easiest way forward is to port apidoc to Zope2, and then
start enhancing it.

Object Introspector
The object introspector is a view for any object (possibly it needs to
be traversable to have views, I'm not sure).

There is also the idea of a:

View introspector
This is a view that helps you find information on a view, preferably
in a non-intrusive way, by popups or hovers over the view-parts (if
possible). A reasonable guess is that it's implemented as a subclass
of the object introspector, specialized for views.

I haven't got a clue of how to implement that, so I don't want to mentor it.

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