[Framework-Team] PLIP process

Eric Bréhault ebrehault at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 14:02:03 UTC 2020

Here is the PLIP process description I propose:

- As decided at the Ferrara Plone conference, a PLIP can now be submitted
and approved without an implementer or without an implementation
description (our objective is to encourage people to submit interesting
idea even though they can't implement it themselves).
- The FWT approval is about the feature. Is it interesting? Is it making
Plone better? Does it deserve to be in core? But it does not imply the FWT
approval regarding the implementation.
- When a PLIP is implemented, the FWT assigns one of the members as
champion, the champion will provide support to the implementer, verify the
code implementation, test the feature, and check the documentation. If the
champion has a doubt, the rest of the FWT can be involved in teh review
- If the PLIP review is satisfactory, the PLIP is merged.

Important remark: When the FWT approaches a PLIP, it is assigned to a Plone
version. But it is only indicative, if the implementation is delayed, or is
not satisfactory, the PLIP might be moved to a future version. A pending
PLIP cannot be a blocker for a release (unless a team decided otherwise

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