[Framework-Team] Beethoven "Headless CMS" Sprint 2017

Franco Pellegrini frapell at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 15:36:51 UTC 2016

Right, I am trying to make it to PLOG, and since the topic was the same, I
thought it would be nice if I can make it to both, with just 1 plane
ticket... however, since you mention being very limited in space, I will
then focus on just getting to PLOG :)


On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 12:32 PM Timo Stollenwerk <tisto at plone.org> wrote:

> Hi Franco,
> thanks for your vote! The dates are fixed, March 3th to 5th.
> The idea of this sprint is to prepare the technical part of the
> discussion that will happen at PLOG. Some attendees will go to PLOG, so
> we don't want it to be too close. I won't be able to go to PLOG anyways. :(
> I forgot to mention that the number of possible sprinters unfortunately
> is very limited this time. I won't have much time in the first half of
> next year. A small sprint with a small number of people, right where I
> live and work, was the only way I personally could make it to a sprint
> at all.
> So far I only asked the core contributors of plone.restapi/plone server
> to come and we are almost full. As soon as the board funding is
> accepted, I will try to make room for anybody who is interested to come.
> Though, moving to another location with more space is not possible,
> since it would mean I would have to spend much more time on organizing.
> I promise to organize another (larger) sprint in Germany at a later
> point. :)
> Cheers,
> Timo
> Am 13.12.2016 um 16:10 schrieb Franco Pellegrini:
> > +1
> >
> > I'll start making arrangements and try to go myself... is March fixed?
> > or can it happen closer to PLOG?
> >
> > On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 11:31 AM Timo Stollenwerk <tisto at plone.org
> > <mailto:tisto at plone.org>> wrote:
> >
> >     Hi framework team,
> >
> >     I plan to organize a sprint in Bonn in March next year to work on the
> >     "headless CMS" idea and continue to work on plone.restapi and plone
> >     server. I would like the framework team to declare this sprint as
> >     strategic sprint to be able to invite the key contributors of
> >     plone.restapi/plone server.
> >
> >     Please reply to this email. The next board meeting is on Thursday, it
> >     would be great if the fwt could make a decision until then and tell
> the
> >     board. I will also fill out the event sponsorship request form...
> >
> >     Cheers,
> >     Timo
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