[Framework-Team] Jenkins PLIP jobs are ready

Timo Stollenwerk tisto at plone.org
Mon Mar 2 19:25:01 UTC 2015

No. We do not support manual changes of the Jenkins job configurations. 
All jobs can be overriden at any time. What kind of change do you have 
in mind?


Am 02.03.15 um 18:03 schrieb Ramon Navarro Bosch:
> If we modify PLIP job configuration manually on jenkins, they will be
> persistent and not modified in the future with the automatization ? I
> need to change some things on the multilingual plip configuration.
> Ramon
> El dl., 2 març, 2015 a les 17:54, Timo Stollenwerk (<tisto at plone.org
> <mailto:tisto at plone.org>>) va escriure:
>     Hi,
>     the Jenkins PLIP jobs are ready on the new ci infrastructure:
>     http://jenkins.plone.org/view/__PLIPs/
>     <http://jenkins.plone.org/view/PLIPs/>
>     Gil cleaned up the list of PLIPs, so those should be the current ones.
>     I unified the local configuration and the one that runs on jenkins. I
>     also got rid of buildout.jenkins. There were some hard to track
>     inconsistencies between those two configuration who should be gone now.
>     To test PLIPs locally you should checkout the 5.0 branch of
>     buildout.coredev and run:
>        $ python2.7 bootstrap.py --setuptools-version=8.3 -c <PLIP_BUILDOUT>
>        $ bin/buildout -c <PLIP_BUILDOUT>
>        $ bin/alltests --all
>        $ bin/alltests-at
>     "bin/alltests" runs the regular tests. The "--all" makes sure we include
>     the robot tests (which run on a higher zope.testrunner level).
>     "bin/alltests-at" runs all the old Archetypes-related tests (no robot
>     tests).
>     Jenkins runs the same commands, just with "--xml" appended to include
>     the test results in Jenkins:
>        $ python2.7 bootstrap.py --setuptools-version=8.3 -c <PLIP_BUILDOUT>
>        $ bin/buildout -c <PLIP_BUILDOUT>
>        $ bin/alltests --all --xml
>        $ bin/alltests-at --xml
>     Plone core developers can log into jenkins.plone.org
>     <http://jenkins.plone.org> with their github
>     credentials. See
>     https://medium.com/@__timostollenwerk/continuous-__integration-for-plone-__b7b0b72c21dc
>     <https://medium.com/@timostollenwerk/continuous-integration-for-plone-b7b0b72c21dc>
>     for details.
>     Have fun! Let me (or Gil) know if you need assistance. If you need a
>     PLIP job on Jenkins, feel free to contact us. We plan to fully automate
>     that process in the future and also allow PLIP implementers to provide
>     their email addresses so they can receive notifications from the jobs.
>     Cheers,
>     Timo
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