[Framework-Team] Jenkins PLIP jobs are ready

Ramon Navarro Bosch ramon.nb at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 17:03:44 UTC 2015

If we modify PLIP job configuration manually on jenkins, they will be
persistent and not modified in the future with the automatization ? I need
to change some things on the multilingual plip configuration.


El dl., 2 març, 2015 a les 17:54, Timo Stollenwerk (<tisto at plone.org>) va

> Hi,
> the Jenkins PLIP jobs are ready on the new ci infrastructure:
> http://jenkins.plone.org/view/PLIPs/
> Gil cleaned up the list of PLIPs, so those should be the current ones.
> I unified the local configuration and the one that runs on jenkins. I
> also got rid of buildout.jenkins. There were some hard to track
> inconsistencies between those two configuration who should be gone now.
> To test PLIPs locally you should checkout the 5.0 branch of
> buildout.coredev and run:
>   $ python2.7 bootstrap.py --setuptools-version=8.3 -c <PLIP_BUILDOUT>
>   $ bin/buildout -c <PLIP_BUILDOUT>
>   $ bin/alltests --all
>   $ bin/alltests-at
> "bin/alltests" runs the regular tests. The "--all" makes sure we include
> the robot tests (which run on a higher zope.testrunner level).
> "bin/alltests-at" runs all the old Archetypes-related tests (no robot
> tests).
> Jenkins runs the same commands, just with "--xml" appended to include
> the test results in Jenkins:
>   $ python2.7 bootstrap.py --setuptools-version=8.3 -c <PLIP_BUILDOUT>
>   $ bin/buildout -c <PLIP_BUILDOUT>
>   $ bin/alltests --all --xml
>   $ bin/alltests-at --xml
> Plone core developers can log into jenkins.plone.org with their github
> credentials. See
> https://medium.com/@timostollenwerk/continuous-integration-for-plone-
> b7b0b72c21dc
> for details.
> Have fun! Let me (or Gil) know if you need assistance. If you need a
> PLIP job on Jenkins, feel free to contact us. We plan to fully automate
> that process in the future and also allow PLIP implementers to provide
> their email addresses so they can receive notifications from the jobs.
> Cheers,
> Timo
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