[Framework-Team] mockup issue with the theming editor

Eric Bréhault ebrehault at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 13:45:16 UTC 2015


As I've mentionned at the last Framework team meeting, my changes to fix
the theming editor in Plone 5 are ok:
- the backend is implemented in plone.resourceeditor (I have just merged my
changes in master).
- I have fixed the 2 involved patterns (filemanager and thememapper) during
(and after) the Bristol sprint (merged in master too since few months)

Now, I want to make those 2 patterns available in plone.app.theming pages
properly. So I need to bundle them.

I have first tried to create a local mockup folder in plone.app.theming
using the Yeoman generator, but I had many issues (like @{bowerPath} not
resolved in less files, and different path issues...).
So I decided to just copy the actual mockup folder sources (from
https://github.com/plone/mockup) into plone.app.theming/mockup, and work
from there.
It worked better.
That's what is currently committed in my branch here:

Here is my problem:

- I have changed (for test purpose) the plone bundle to add my 2 patterns:
If I generate the Plone bundle and put the results in Products.CMFPlone,
the theming editor works just fine.
But of course, we do not want those 2 extra patterns to be part of our
regular plone bundle.

- I have defined a specific bundle:
I have put the resulting files in
src/plone.app.theming/src/plone/app/theming/browser/resources and I load
them from my template:

But in that case the editor is broken, I get an error in
++resource++plone.js in the part corresponding to the tree pattern.
I guess that's because the tree pattern is part of the plone bundle but as
it is also a dependency of filemanager, it is also in thememapper bundle
and it makes a conflict.

Does anybody know what is the right solution?


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