[Framework-Team] some topics for todays FWT

Johannes Raggam raggam-nl at adm.at
Tue Feb 17 17:17:22 UTC 2015


I'm not going to make it today - I'm lying in the bed, being sick :/

However, I have two topics to contribute:

- PEP 440 compliant versioning scheme.

Timo, Gil and I were today briefly discussing a version-raise mistake I
made and our versioning scheme in general.

IIRC, we're currently not consistent with our versioning scheme. we are
using sometimes the setuptools scheme (e.g. ``1.1.a1``, ``1.1.a1.dev0``)
sometimes PEP 440 (e.g. ``1.1a1``, 1.1a1.dev0``).

I propose we switch to PEP 440 only. Then we can also raise the
Setuptools and zc.buildout to the latest versions. Setuptools has
switched to PEP 440 in release 8.0.


We definetly have to fix the section in our code conventions guidelines:

- Moving captcha framework code from plone.app.discussion to CMFPlone.

There is a little captcha framework in plone.app.discussion, which can
be of great value for other parts of Plone and addons as well. For
example, I wrote an addon for securing the self registration form from
spam bots, which reuses plone.app.discussions captcha framework
( https://github.com/collective/collective.registrationcaptcha ).

IMO, we should have this in Plone core. The settings could be moved from
the discussion control panel into the security control panel.

I don't care if this makes into Plone 5.0 (which would be better, but
we're all busy), but maybe 5.1?
If you agree, can we also agree on a deadline, where it would make into
Plone 5.0?

Have a good meeting!

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