[Framework-Team] RFC: buildout.coredev all commits branch

Johannes Raggam raggam-nl at adm.at
Mon Feb 16 18:43:43 UTC 2015

no objections - i'm waiting for it.
i occasionally use http://jenkins.plone.org/roboto/ (which is a
interface to the "all commits" branch, no?) to see what exactly broke
something, and it seems to work fine.

thanks for pushing this forward!

On Mon, 2015-02-16 at 19:02 +0100, Timo Stollenwerk wrote:
> Hi,
> two months ago the FWT discussed creating a buildout.coredev branch that 
> contains all commits to all packages in the Plone repo:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UVNLqQFrq8AJkmNxEO9J4flIqGTf_TbAqR3TWwFguRY/edit
> We need this in order to be able to trigger the buildout.coredev Jenkins 
> jobs and properly passing the changelog to it.
> As discussed back then Ramon implemented the functionality:
> https://github.com/plone/buildout.coredev/commits/5.0-all-commits
> As far as we can tell it works fine. Though, the only way to really test 
> it is to put it in production (we can not do fully automated rebases on 
> the all-commits branch therefore the branch diverged from the 5.0 
> branch, this problem will be gone if we switch to using the 5.0 branch).
> We were working hard (especially Gil!) in the last month to get the new 
> Jenkins server ready for production:
> I think we could be ready within the next weeks. That would be a good 
> opportunity to switch the 5.0 branch to the all-commits functionality.
> Any objections?
> Cheers,
> Timo
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