[Framework-Team] RFC: buildout.coredev all commits branch

Timo Stollenwerk tisto at plone.org
Mon Feb 16 18:02:06 UTC 2015


two months ago the FWT discussed creating a buildout.coredev branch that 
contains all commits to all packages in the Plone repo:


We need this in order to be able to trigger the buildout.coredev Jenkins 
jobs and properly passing the changelog to it.

As discussed back then Ramon implemented the functionality:


As far as we can tell it works fine. Though, the only way to really test 
it is to put it in production (we can not do fully automated rebases on 
the all-commits branch therefore the branch diverged from the 5.0 
branch, this problem will be gone if we switch to using the 5.0 branch).

We were working hard (especially Gil!) in the last month to get the new 
Jenkins server ready for production:

I think we could be ready within the next weeks. That would be a good 
opportunity to switch the 5.0 branch to the all-commits functionality.

Any objections?


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