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Giacomo Spettoli giacomo.spettoli at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 08:24:36 UTC 2014

I can agree to include plone.api into the core and, as a start, it could:
1 - be just a dependency of Products.CMFPlone to make it available ootb.
once it's in , it will become mainstream and it will be much more easy.
2 - on a second phase, someone have to select few api's calls and go around
the core code with sed substituting the calls everywhere. To whoever will
do this, please keep things consistent. if you decide to use a call, then
this become the mainstream and it should be used everywhere.
3 - on a medium-long term, I would refactor the api's methods for no being
wrappers around other core's methods anymore. It's a waste of time and
plone is already not the fastest guy out there. I would move the real code
from the original place (where possible) to plone.api and then make the
original methods just a wrapper of the api's call.

my 2©

2014-06-19 11:48 GMT+02:00 Nejc Zupan <nejc.zupan at gmail.com>:

> On 19. jun. 2014, at 11:21, Johannes Raggam <raggam-nl at adm.at> wrote:
> > Nejc, get plone.api in, and think about your FWT capabilities
> > afterwards :) Or are there any big blockers?
> Mainly, I don't know how to include it in core. Should core use it or not?
> If not, how to make sure we are not using it in core? If yes, when & where?
> Been thinking about it for over a year now, without any breakthrough ...
> z.
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