[Framework-Team] Zidanca Sprint

Eric Steele ericsteele47 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 16:41:48 UTC 2014

Hi all,

August's [Zidanca 
is seeking funding as a strategic sprint. It looks like it meets all the 
criteria; anyone object to dubbing it as such?


> 1.) plone.app.contenttypes migrations, see [1] "Migration" section
> Johannes Raggam will lead this topic, Phillip Bauer who has done a lot 
> of work on plone.app.contenttypes also said that he might be coming 
> (though it's more likely he won't be able to attend).
> 2.) Cleanup - finish the migration of control panel forms to 
> z3c.forms, see [1] "Cleanup" section
> I will lead this topic, need to discuss it with Timo on exactly what 
> still needs to be done.
> 3.) Barceloneta theme & mockup/widgets, see [1] "Theming" section.
> For this topic it would be very beneficial if Ramon or Víctor could 
> join us (in person or remotely). Victor already responded that he 
> can't come, but he might be able to attend remotely. Looking at [1], 
> there are a lot of design related tickets, which probably need a lot 
> of input from the authors of the theme. On our own, we can work on 
> fixing css/js bugs, crossbrowser/mobile testing, logo customization 
> (#165) and "Edit forms pattern". Additionally we could work also on 
> the "Javascript" section [1].
> Unfortunately also Rok Garbas won't be able to join us, but Peter 
> Lamut and Domen Kožar (iElectric) are coming, who are quite 
> proficient in js. Natan Žabkar will work on css, he has experience 
> with LESS and mobile theme development. So I hope we can push things 
> forward on this front.
> 4.) Depending on the number of participants and interest, we will also 
> have a group working on the "Member-related" section [1].
> To make this a very successful sprint and push things forward 
> significantly, we need to attract more people. Making this a strategic 
> sprint would definitely help with this goal. I am aware that the 
> sprint was announced a bit late and that the summer might not be the 
> best time for strategic operations :) But if we can make this happen, 
> we might have a stable Plone 5 version before the conference this 
> year!
> Please let me know how you decide.
> Cheers,
> Jure
> [1] https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlone/issues/184
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