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Franco Pellegrini wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 11:09 AM, Johannes Raggam <raggam-nl at adm.at 
> <mailto:raggam-nl at adm.at>> wrote:
> On Mon, 2014-07-07 at 07:40 -0500, Nathan Van Gheem wrote:
>>> On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 11:39 AM, Giacomo Spettoli 
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> <mailto:giacomo.spettoli at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>> While we can all agree that Rok as made a good job so far, I
>>> think we have to fully realize what he just said: the main author
>>> of the front-end of plone5 is leaving the project! This is even
>>> more dangerous since the front-end should have been (and maybe
>>> will be) the "shimmering thing" to attract once more new
>>> customers to Plone.
>>> We ended up in this shitty situation since we, as a community,
>>> made the big mistake of putting all our energy on just very few
>>> people.
>>> How is this avoided though? Do we just not do the work? Rok did
>>> everything he could to get more people involved--just not much
>>> interest. Or if there was, that interest wasn't sustained.
>> This is not a technical problem, the FWT cannot fix it. It's more
>> of a management matter. But...I wrote the original mail on Friday
>> so I was polemic pointlessly.
> I'm sure, mockup will soon get the attention it deserves. Although
> there is a lot of good documentation so far, we're still missing
> some important parts. Namely how to solve real integration world
> problems: How to use mockup and extend it with own patterns without
> having to extend the core, How to use only part of the patterns...
> Using the generator, it is possible to include just the patterns you 
> want. https://github.com/collective/generator-plonemockup
> In my talk for the Midwest Symposium I identified 2 or 3 problems
> that didn't allow the generated skeleton to work out of the box (some
> stuff changed in mockup in the past months), but they are really
> trivial to manually solve by anyone who understands how mockup works.
> I need to fix the generator, I didn't have the time to do so yet...
> As Rok always said, we have to start using it. I will do it now for
> the first time, for an ongoing project. I need TinyMCE 4 and I guess,
> I will fix stuff along the road.
>>> This said, I think that all the FWT members that consider them
>>> self still active should really try hard to be online this
>>> Tuesday to discuss the plan to reach p5. Here some questions that
>>> need an answer:
>>> - What do we do now? How can we organize the work for not being
>>> stuck in this situation again?
>>> FWIW, I'll be taking ownership of mockup...
>> Excellent!
> Thank you, Nathan!
> Yes, thank you! I will try to be involved a bit more in the project
>>> - how much man power do we have? Should we continue based on the
>>> volunteers' effort only or should we try to involve more the
>>> companies that may have the strength to finish this?
> Bigger companies should start using it and fix stuff. Then more 
> dedicated Sprints are also an answer (come to: 
> http://www.coactivate.org/projects/zidanca-sprint-2014/project-home
> !)

This is wishful thinking. The growing complexity and the growing level
of abstraction makes it hard to do contributions. It is often hard for
non-core developer to understand what's really going on the Plone core.

- -aj

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