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On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 11:39 AM, Giacomo Spettoli <
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>  While we can all agree that Rok as made a good job so far, I think we
> have to fully realize what he just said: the main author of the front-end
> of plone5 is leaving the project! This is even more dangerous since the
> front-end should have been (and maybe will be) the "shimmering thing" to
> attract once more new customers to Plone.
> We ended up in this shitty situation since we, as a community, made the
> big mistake of putting all our energy on just very few people.
How is this avoided though? Do we just not do the work? Rok did everything
he could to get more people involved--just not much interest. Or if there
was, that interest wasn't sustained.

> This said, I think that all the FWT members that consider them self still
> active should really try hard to be online this Tuesday to discuss the plan
> to reach p5. Here some questions that need an answer:
> - What do we do now? How can we organize the work for not being stuck in
> this situation again?
FWIW, I'll be taking ownership of mockup...

> - how much man power do we have? Should we continue based on the
> volunteers' effort only or should we try to involve more the companies that
> may have the strength to finish this?
- Should we collect all the info and try to finish mockup? or should we
> start from scratch basing our effort on the latest best frameworks
> (Angular, React...xyz)
I'm sorry, but the idea of starting from scratch here seems ridiculous.
Some of mockup uses React. Mockup isn't forcing the use of any particular
js tech necessarily.

We're not that far off. Ramon and I are organizing a sprint around the idea
of finishing up mockup integration with plone.

> - should we involve the board in this discussion? (I think yes,
> definitely!)
> Hope to see all of you guys online thuesday to discuss all this :)
I'll be on.

> cheers,
> Giacomo
> On 06/24/2014 07:14 PM, Roel Bruggink wrote:
> Thank you for everything so far, Rok.
> Come join us for some beer if you are in the Netherlands again! ;)
>  -Roel
>  On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 7:58 AM, Rok Garbas <rok at garbas.si> wrote:
>> hi guys,
>> last month i've been unactive since i was on a quest to learn surfing
>> (some
>> call this vacation). with july i'm starting to work in berlin in a
>> position
>> which does not involve any plone development, therefore i would like to
>> step
>> down as a framework team member since i will have very little or no time
>> for
>> plone in comming year.
>> thank you for all the patience you had with me.
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