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Jens W. Klein jens at bluedynamics.com
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+1 for inviting Philip to the FWT meeting to discuss this topic.

I agree we have lots of advantages.

What I kept in mind from our discussion is one major risk: Third party 
code depending on IFolderish queries will break, because theres no 
difference any more.

We need to have a clear way to check if something is a container by 
intend or just because its a folderish type (which is not used as 
folderish, just prepared to be used this way).

For more see also the FWT protocol posted earlier on this list.

greets Jens

On 2014-12-01 13:55, Johannes Raggam wrote:
> The decision was made because we don't want to have Plone 5 beta further
> delayed and some were opting for a feature freeze. The changes in PLIP
> 20144 might be small and the positive impact big, but there could be
> some negative impact: UI wise (although the default behavior isn't
> changed), performance wise (you already proofed, that tests run the same
> speed with or without folderish base types) or memory wise.
> Chances are, that beta is delayed anyways. IMO we could discuss this
> again at the meeting next week.
> I want to invite you for the FWT meeting on 2014-12-09, 21:00 CET to
> explain your standpoint.
> FWT, Everyone OK with that?
> Best, Johannes
> On Mon, 2014-12-01 at 13:13 +0100, Philip Bauer wrote:
>> Dear Framework-team,
>> I got the message that https://dev.plone.org/ticket/20144 should be moved to 5.1, which is generally ok by me but I can't help wondering why.
>> The implementation, upgrade-steps and tests are all done. Working with folderish dexterity-types in real projects has been tested by many developers for quite some time. What do you think needs more work or improvements for it to be included in Plone 5? I even migrated the test for plone.app.contentmenu (https://github.com/plone/plone.app.contentmenu/pull/8) to work with AT and DX to make sure nothing changes regarding the UI.
>> I'm more than willing to put in more time if it means having this in Plone 5.0 and not 5.1 (which will be at least a year form now). I think the point when we move from AT to DX is also the right moment to switch from itemish to folderish.
>> Also: If the -1 stands: You did not answer the question about the alternative folderish profile.
>> Philip
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