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Framework Team meeting on 2014-08-26


Johannes (taking notes),
Ramon (chair),

Guest: Albert

TODO: I forgot to take notes who attended, so please correct/complete


1) Mockup talk / training

Franco mentioned that he wants to hold a talk on mockup at the Plone conference,
Johannes mentioned the idea of organizing a mockup training before conference.

The training should be done by two people. Franco and Johannes are in at the
moment. If some of the mockup core devs (Rok, Ramon, Nathan) is able to join,
please do so!

2) FWT collaboration with UI team and others

Albert from the UI team joined the meeting. Quite often, PLIPS are covering
also UI topics as well as testing and documentation. The FWT needs to
collaborate with those teams. This is something we are aware about, but it
might not be optimal at the moment. A first step are the review columns for the
UI, Testing and Documentation teams in the PLIP Status Worksheet [1] on Google

There was some discussion if it would be a good idea for Albert to join the
FWT. We agreed, that we would send Albert and other UI team members PLIPs for
review and invite him regulary to FWT meetings, where we discuss UI concerns.

The same applies to Testing and Documentation team members.

[1] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmLyPq_86bnfdGtjbXlKZEh0OTlzUjM0WHN5a1pad3c&pli=1#gid=3

3) New Resource Registry wrap-up, Zidanca report by Nathan and Ramon

PLIP 14261, https://dev.plone.org/ticket/14261
Repository: https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlone/tree/barceloneta 

The new resource registry is works with the concept of bundles, where a bundle
can include JS and CSS resources. Via RequireJS, everything has proper
dependencies. So we don't rely on unstable implicit dependencies defined by the
order of resources in portal_javascript or portal_css.  All configuration is
now stored in the portal_registry.

We don't need the big Grunt/Bower based development environment to develop new
bundles, since this can all be done in the browser. Which is also the biggest
challenge right now: compilation, minifying and combining resources needs more
work until it's ready for prime time.

Old addons are included via a legacy bundle, which imports all legacy js, css, etc.

A upgrade path is provided in a way, that the new resource registry can be
configured via the jsregistry.xml and cssregistry.xml files.

Development via the old way via Grunt/Bower setup still possible. Mockup will
still use the Makefile/Grund/Bower development environment.

Some tests are still failing (only 7 right now) and others have to be written.

Addon themes can add/remove bundles easily (via the "bundle" settings).

The registry settings use a Interface dotted name as prefix. Timo mentioned, we
need to change it to the "plone" prefix, which is already used.

The new resource registry is developed in the Products.CMFPlone repository. We
can use it's issue tracker (especially after merge). FWT, VOTE for it!

4) Side note: Making registry access easier

Timo mentioned, that he wants to work on a way to ease the registry access.
Currently we need a lot of imports and code to just read registry value. He
wants to provide convenience methods in plone.api.


- Franco and Johannes: Coordinating/Organizing the mockup training/talk.

- Johannes: Asking volunteers on plone-Development to review the Resource Registry PLIP.

- Timo: Reviews the resource registry PLIP from a testing perspective.

- Albert to review the UI for the resource registry, which Nathan worked on the Zidanca Sprint.

We hope to get some initial review, rough or even finished reviews for the Resource Registry PLIP until the next FWT meeting.

Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2014-09-09). Ramon is doing the invitations.
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