[Framework-Team] collective.elephantvocabulary

David Glick (Plone) david.glick at plone.org
Thu Oct 24 23:46:30 UTC 2013

On 10/24/13, 3:29 PM, Rok Garbas wrote:
> Quoting David Glick (Plone) (2013-10-24 22:18:28)
>> On 10/24/13, 10:18 AM, Rok Garbas wrote:
>>> with plone.app.event we also added new dependency
>>> collective.elephantvocabulary. i'm the author of this package and what this
>>> package does is extends a bit zope.schema's vocabulary. also if there is
>>> plone.app.registry present it also makes use of that.
>>> now at the time i needed this and when working on plone.app.event project also
>>> plone.app.event benefit from this functionality and still does.
>>> introducing yet another package makes very little sense in my opinion and
>>> functionality wise this package could easily fit into plone.app.vocabularies
>>> package.
>>> would somebody object this move? (to move c.elephantvocabulary code into
>>> p.a.vocabularies)
>>> also if somebody can comeup with some more descriptive name i'm all ears :)
>> I think we can avoid adding this functionality altogether.
>> As I understand it, the package exists to make sure that if a term is
>> removed from a vocabulary but there is existing data that stores that
>> term's value, the existing data can still be edited without losing the
>> stored value. z3c.form has added a different solution to the same
>> problem, and is the form library we're standardizing on for Plone 5, so
>> I don't think we should add another solution to plone.app.vocabularies.
> can you point me to the z3c.form's solution to this. if z3c.form's solution
> suffices i'll make sure its removed as dependency from plone.app.event.

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