[Framework-Team] mockup/widgets/toolbar PLIP nr. 13476

Rok Garbas rok at garbas.si
Thu Oct 24 18:10:21 UTC 2013

Quoting David Glick (Plone) (2013-10-24 19:02:36)
> +1. And I guess the actual js and css bundles go in CMFPlone?

yes, all registration of js/css would be placed CMFPlone.

> If we first add the widgets bundle to CMFPlone, then we can work on 
> converting the widgets in Archetypes and plone.app.z3cform one widget at 
> a time in smaller pull requests, rather than needing one 
> mega-PLIP-branch. What do you think?

currently in plone.app.widgets every widget is already replacing every old
widget (except recurrence widget which is still missing), but if you're talking
about registering z3cform widgets in for general fields then yes this can
happen after the merge one widget at the time and hopefully we can also
document it with sphinx. talking with mikko he already though on working some
sphinx plugin to help us generate widgets demos and example code.

> I know I personally would be 
> motivated to work on the reference widget/plone.formwidget.contenttree 
> replacement, because I am starting to look into converting portlets to 
> z3c.form, and I need it for that.

i think contenttree can be replaced by relateditems widget, since you can also
walk through tree.

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