[Framework-Team] collective.elephantvocabulary

Rok Garbas rok at garbas.si
Thu Oct 24 17:18:27 UTC 2013

with plone.app.event we also added new dependency
collective.elephantvocabulary. i'm the author of this package and what this
package does is extends a bit zope.schema's vocabulary. also if there is
plone.app.registry present it also makes use of that.

now at the time i needed this and when working on plone.app.event project also
plone.app.event benefit from this functionality and still does.

introducing yet another package makes very little sense in my opinion and
functionality wise this package could easily fit into plone.app.vocabularies

would somebody object this move? (to move c.elephantvocabulary code into

also if somebody can comeup with some more descriptive name i'm all ears :)

Rok Garbas - http://www.garbas.si

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