[Framework-Team] mockup/widgets/toolbar PLIP nr. 13476

Rok Garbas rok at garbas.si
Thu Oct 24 16:39:29 UTC 2013

hey all,

during my last days in brasil i've pushed initial work on getting plip 13476
into coredev. since plip 13476 is quite big it would make sense to split it up,
like we already did with other plips.

1. as first i would like to merge into core all work being done in
   plone.app.widgets. plip13476-mockup.cfg buildout will continue to depend on
   plone.app.widgets package to the last day before release changed packages.

    base.py -> only depends on lxml and new package will be created for this
    utils.py -> CMFPlone # code used by AT and DX depends on getToolByName
    at.py -> P.Archetypes # AT specific code
    dx.py -> p.a.z3cform # DX specific code

   also plone.app.widgets will never reach 2.0 version since all code after
   that will be part of Plone 5.0.

   main tasks on TODO list are (should happen in following cronological order):
     - get remaining unit/integrational tests done
     - get remaining robot tests done (we have only one example test)
     - release plone.app.widgets
     - remove collective.z3cform.datetimewidget (mostly done)
     - remove plone.formwidget.datetime
     - remove plone.formwidget.querystring
     - remove plone.formwidget.autocomplete
     - create contenttree widget (already started in mockup) and remove
     - finish recurrencewidget in mockup and remove plone.formwidget.recurrence

   anyway i'll be working on getting tests done and release plone.app.widgets
   ASAP. but i would really appreaciate help on other tasks.

2. once plone.app.widgets work is merged and all tests are passing only then
   i would move to include plone.app.toolbar work into coredev.

   i think code from plone.app.toolbar should be moved to plone.app.layout, but
   i'm open for better suggestions.

   biggest change that will happen with this merge is that we will replace all
   javascript with javascript that we developed in mockup. 95% of this part is
   already done and once plone.app.widgets are properly merged i don't see any
   bigger blocker to get plone.app.toolbar merged quickly.

   when releasing plone.app.widgets i'll be also releasing plone.app.toolbar to
   give ppl a preview what is the progress on this.

i tried to explained everything in much detail as i could remember but please
ask if something was not explained as it should be. main goal of this "2 step"
merge is mostly to keep jenkins job happy and green and to not interfere with
any other plip work.

Rok Garbas - http://www.garbas.si

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