[Framework-Team] plone.app.event and it's portlets issue

Rok Garbas rok at garbas.si
Thu Oct 3 22:38:44 UTC 2013

Quoting Johannes Raggam (2013-10-01 16:44:58)
> Hey FWT!
> I need some advice on how to handle a problem with plone.app.event:
> In plone.app.event there is a "ploneintegration" submodule, profile and
> setuptools extra. This is primarily needed because plone.app.event
> registers the portlets.Events and portlets.Calendar under the same name
> as plone.app.portlets. Therefore it needs to unregister them with
> z3c.unconfigure for versions of plone.app.event, where those portlets
> aren't removed - otherwise I get some zcml double-registration errors on
> Zope startup.
> The "ploneintegration" setuptools extra has to be included manually for
> versions of Plone < 5.
> Now, while integrating plone.app.event with plone.app.contenttypes,
> which should work for Plone 4.2 and up, I don't want to depend on the
> ploneintegration extra if possible. This pulls in the z3c.unconfigure
> package, which has to version-fixed to 1.0.1 - otherwise it would
> pull-in zope.component 3.8, which is not a Plone 4.x core dependency
> version and not backwards compatible.
> Ideally I would get rid of the "ploneintegration" package.
> I see these options:
> 1) Releasing plone.app.portlets 2.5a1, where portlets.Calendar and
> portlets.Events are already removed. This way, I can depend on this
> version as a minimum requirement for plone.app.event and the portlets
> double-registration issue isn't any more. Con: For other versions of
> Plone 4.x, plone.app.portlets has to be maintained in it's 2.4.x branch.
> 2) Registering the portlets in plone.app.event under different names.
> Pro: no zcml double-registration issues and no need to remove the
> portlets.Calendar and portlets.Events from plone.app.portlets (altough,
> they won't make much sense there when plone.app.event is merged into
> Plone-core). Drawback: No seamless Upgrade-path and it breaks existing
> installations (there are already some installations by different
> integrators).
> 3) Including a hard-dependency on z3c.unconfigure in plone.app.event and
> doing the unregistration if
> plone.app.portlets.portlets.calendar.Renderer can be imported via a
> zcml:conditional.
> I prefer the first option, because it's quite straight-forward.
> Can someone make a release, if you agree?
> From pypi:
> Package Index Owner: optilude, wichert, hannosch, esteele, maurits,
> malthe, evilbungle, laurencerowe, davisagli, timo, vangheem
> Package Index Maintainer: do3cc 

i would go for option number 1.

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