[Framework-Team] plone.app.event and it's portlets issue

Johannes Raggam dev at programmatic.pro
Tue Oct 1 14:44:58 UTC 2013

Hey FWT!

I need some advice on how to handle a problem with plone.app.event:

In plone.app.event there is a "ploneintegration" submodule, profile and
setuptools extra. This is primarily needed because plone.app.event
registers the portlets.Events and portlets.Calendar under the same name
as plone.app.portlets. Therefore it needs to unregister them with
z3c.unconfigure for versions of plone.app.event, where those portlets
aren't removed - otherwise I get some zcml double-registration errors on
Zope startup.

The "ploneintegration" setuptools extra has to be included manually for
versions of Plone < 5.

Now, while integrating plone.app.event with plone.app.contenttypes,
which should work for Plone 4.2 and up, I don't want to depend on the
ploneintegration extra if possible. This pulls in the z3c.unconfigure
package, which has to version-fixed to 1.0.1 - otherwise it would
pull-in zope.component 3.8, which is not a Plone 4.x core dependency
version and not backwards compatible.

Ideally I would get rid of the "ploneintegration" package.

I see these options:

1) Releasing plone.app.portlets 2.5a1, where portlets.Calendar and
portlets.Events are already removed. This way, I can depend on this
version as a minimum requirement for plone.app.event and the portlets
double-registration issue isn't any more. Con: For other versions of
Plone 4.x, plone.app.portlets has to be maintained in it's 2.4.x branch.

2) Registering the portlets in plone.app.event under different names.
Pro: no zcml double-registration issues and no need to remove the
portlets.Calendar and portlets.Events from plone.app.portlets (altough,
they won't make much sense there when plone.app.event is merged into
Plone-core). Drawback: No seamless Upgrade-path and it breaks existing
installations (there are already some installations by different

3) Including a hard-dependency on z3c.unconfigure in plone.app.event and
doing the unregistration if
plone.app.portlets.portlets.calendar.Renderer can be imported via a

I prefer the first option, because it's quite straight-forward.
Can someone make a release, if you agree?

From pypi:
Package Index Owner: optilude, wichert, hannosch, esteele, maurits,
malthe, evilbungle, laurencerowe, davisagli, timo, vangheem
Package Index Maintainer: do3cc 


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