[Framework-Team] plone.app.event ical importer in core

David Glick (Plone) david.glick at plone.org
Thu Mar 28 18:23:30 UTC 2013

On 3/15/13 2:33 AM, johannes raggam wrote:
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> Hey FWT!
> I plan to integrate an icalendar importer for plone.app.event for a
> current customer project.
> The question is, if I should do this in plone.app.event itself or as
> an addon package (plone.app.ical?).
> I favor doing it directly in an "ical" subpackage in plone.app.event.
> This is a rough implementation plan:
> - - A registered action on folderish content types to activate the
> import feature.
> - - Wether a schema extender / behavior or a view (available as
> content-tab) where an icalendar URL can be registered or a icalendar
> file uploaded. icalendar UIDs are stored as annotation on the content
> object.
> - - Simple synchronisation features: if the icalendar UID already
> exists, skip the import for this item, else create it.
> - - If an icalendar file is uploaded, all events are just imported,
> regardless if the same event alreadt exists.
> The Synchronisation features could be improved, maybe later...
> This could be the base for a future CalDAV feature.
> Any comments and thoughts?
I think this is fine. But maybe we should brainstorm about a more 
generic inbound syndication framework. I say this because some of the 
above features are remind me of parts of collective.salesforce.content 
which imports content based on records in Salesforce.com.


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