[Framework-Team] buildout-coredev 5.0

Johannes Raggam dev at programmatic.pro
Tue Jul 2 09:25:23 UTC 2013

hi all,

there is now a buildout-coredev branch 5.0, which is great, thanks.

but it seems not to be based on the 4.4 branch but on the 4.3 branch
including branch fixtures of CMFPlone et all on 4.3. is that
intentional? does it mean, plone.app.event and plone.app.contenttypes
have to be merged into CMFPlone later again?

actually, i'm unsure where i should continue plone.app.event development
- within the 4.4 branch, fixing tests in the 4.4 branch of CMFPlone or
continue developing plone.app.event seperately in 5.0?


programmatic  web development
di(fh) johannes raggam / thet
python plone zope development
mail: office at programmatic.pro
web:  http://programmatic.pro
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