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Ramon Navarro Bosch ramon.nb at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 09:21:44 UTC 2013

Hey everybody,

We've been working at beer&winesprint on p.a.m. in order to release a 1.0
(now rc1) to allow LinguaPlone migrations and storing the translations on
Catalog. Besides this work we've analysing how we could integrate p.a.m. on
Plone in a clean way. As I said on the meeting we did some weeks ago, we
defined more a concret idea of what should be a plip on multilingual. Here
is our idea ( we began to implement on branch plip-13091 ).

First of all a small analysis of what is in Plone core right now:

* Nowadays there is an interface on CMFPlone that is called ITranslatable
never used by neither LP or PAM. This is an old idea that is deprecated
right now, I've told hanno about it and he said that there's a lot of
unfinished work or code that's been in trasition.

* There is a plone.app.i18n viewlet that allow to change the language on
the plone ui if you select more than one language. Also a bunch of
vocabularies that serves content languages.

* There is a control panel that only allows to select one language for the
site. That has changed recently as it was possible to select more than one
language to allow UI possiblities

* There is LanguageTool on the ZMI that allow to select the possible
languages of the site and select the negotiation policies

This is a mess, IMHO we sould clarify how plone is used on multi-language

So, here is my conceptual aproach:

We can define three scenarios,

* Plone with one language: The user can select the possible language on the
site (right now)

* Plone with multiple languages but without translation managing: The user
can select multiple languages and the negotiation behavior on the control
panel. Each content can have its language defined and there is not
translation links.

* Plone with multiple languages and translation managing: P.A.M., language
root folders, translation links, shared folder, babel view, ... If the user
wants this aproach he must install the multilanguage support that is
defined by default as an AddOn (which installs subscribers, sets LRF, ... )

So, what we began to implement on plip-13091 branch:

* Define where ITranslatable interface should be, we've been talking with
timo about it, contenttype ? CMFPlone ? multilingual ?

* Join Selector Viewlet so it's the same viewlet with different policies
depending on if multilingual is installed [implemented]

* Join Language Control Panel, add again the option to select multiple
languages and a negotiation policy checkers so user can select how to
decide the language of the site

* Define a way to get/set the language on contenttypes that is over all the
content types, somethign like an ILanguage adapter.

* Join vocabularies that are on plone.app.i18n and multilingual

* Find a way to have a shared folder for language independent content
friendly with plone and without the need to have a patch on the catalog (
with the LRF the patch on the catalog is not needed any more )

I know that this matter has been a long term discussion on Plone since ages
and that there are opinions on both sides ( Plone should have multilingual
suport by default ? ) I understand that it should not be installed by
default but IMHO it should be delivered as an option by default. On EU we
are really used to have plones with LP, I can't imagine a plone site
without LP, so for me, and surelly for a lot of plone integrators, it
should be something that is really close to the core from all points of

In case the FWT decides that plone shouldn't have multilingual solution
maybe we should think about why there is the
languagetool/selector/interfaces on core right now...

Thanks for your time and hoping that this time we define a clear
multilingual photo for plone!


Ramon a.k.a bloodbare
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