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Timo Stollenwerk lists at zmag.de
Mon Jan 28 17:44:43 UTC 2013

Hi Matthew,

I developed the 2.x (dexterity-based) plone.app.collection branch some 
time ago and made some releases on pypi since then. I recall that I 
asked either Eric or the framework team about what to do with my branch. 
The recommendation was to move the AT-based collection to a 1.x branch 
and make the dexterity version the new master (which I did).

Since then Eric or I always hide the 2.x releases on pypi to not confuse 


This means that you specifically have to pin p.a.collection to a newer 
version (which you don't see on pypi if you don't know the URLs) to get 
the 2.x version.

I don't have strong feelings about the issue, but since the PLIP to ship 
Plone with plone.app.contenttypes (and plone.app.collection) is almost 
ready to review (we just released p.a.contenttypes 1.0b1), I don't think 
it is worth the effort to change things now just to revert that in a 
couple of month.


Am 28.01.2013 11:46, schrieb Matthew Wilkes:
> Hey FWT,
> I've just heard from my coworkers who attended the Beer and Wine sprint
> that plone.app.collection has moved development to a 2.0 branch that is
> backwards incompatible (uses dexterity not AT objects).
> I've not seen a PLIP for this change but think it'd be required. I'd
> like opinions on making the 1.x branch into master again and remove the
> official blessing of a dexterity 2.0 release until a PLIP goes through.
>   Some releases have already been made to PyPI, so it's conceivable that
> people are running this code without realising.
> Matt
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