[Framework-Team] Reminder: FWT meeting tomorrow

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Tue Nov 27 09:19:49 UTC 2012

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On 11/26/2012 10:48 PM, David Glick (Plone) wrote:
> Reminder: We have a meeting tomorrow, Nov. 27 at 22:00 UTC.
> Eric and I got confused and both sent invites to the meeting.
> Please use the Google hangout from Eric's invitation (which was the
> most recent one).

> If possible, please attend to your action items before the meeting 
> (sorry, I meant to send out a reminder earlier): - Everyone: Read
> the PLIPs under "Submitted" at 
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmLyPq_86bnfdGtjbXlKZEh0OTlzUjM0WHN5a1pad3c
and vote whether you think it should be included. I added a column with
> your initials where you can record your vote. You may vote 1 (in
> favor), 0 (not sure), or -1 (against). In the meeting we will
> review the votes and be sure to discuss any PLIP where
> abs(sum(votes)) < 5, which indicates uncertainty and/or
> controversy, so that we can give useful feedback to the author. -
> PLIP champions: check with the author of the PLIP(s) you are 
> championing and make sure you know the current status. - Andrzej:
> Preliminary review of PLIP 10359 - Johannes: Is the plone.app.event
> PLIP ready for Craig and me to review?
no, sorry. i need some more time as some unforeseen interruptions came
into my way. today i'm currently working on a calendar view for a
client project and want to get this into p.a.event. i'll give a notice
about the proceedings this week.

> Meeting Agenda: - check on release status - discuss our votes on
> the "submitted" PLIPs - discuss any completed reviews - update
> status of other PLIPs - discuss style guide for core code
> best, David _______________________________________________ 
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