[Framework-Team] Reminder: FWT meeting tomorrow

David Glick (Plone) david.glick at plone.org
Mon Nov 26 21:48:28 UTC 2012

Reminder: We have a meeting tomorrow, Nov. 27 at 22:00 UTC.

Eric and I got confused and both sent invites to the meeting. Please use 
the Google hangout from Eric's invitation (which was the most recent one).

If possible, please attend to your action items before the meeting 
(sorry, I meant to send out a reminder earlier):
- Everyone: Read the PLIPs under "Submitted" at 
and vote whether you think it should be included. I added a column with 
your initials where you can record your vote. You may vote 1 (in favor), 
0 (not sure), or -1 (against). In the meeting we will review the votes 
and be sure to discuss any PLIP where abs(sum(votes)) < 5, which 
indicates uncertainty and/or controversy, so that we can give useful 
feedback to the author.
- PLIP champions: check with the author of the PLIP(s) you are 
championing and make sure you know the current status.
- Andrzej: Preliminary review of PLIP 10359
- Johannes: Is the plone.app.event PLIP ready for Craig and me to review?

Meeting Agenda:
- check on release status
- discuss our votes on the "submitted" PLIPs
- discuss any completed reviews
- update status of other PLIPs
- discuss style guide for core code


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