[Framework-Team] Framework team meeting, Nov. 13

David Glick (Plone) david.glick at plone.org
Fri Nov 9 00:00:40 UTC 2012

Hello team. Believe it or not there was actually one time slot in the 
doodle that is green for everyone. So our next meeting will be at 20:00 
UTC on Nov. 13 -- see 
for conversions to your local time.

Don't worry if you can't make it this time; we can fill you in and there 
will be more meetings. :)

In the past we've been using Google Hangouts to meet. We have 11 people 
now (counting Eric) so technically that's too many...but in reality 
there's usually someone missing so let's stick with Google Hangouts for 
now and deal with that problem when we need to. This means you need a 
Google Plus account if you don't have one...

Sorry for the delay in getting this organized; I was a wee bit tied up 
with the security hotfix earlier this week.

Announcement of the new team on plone.org is coming soon.


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