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David Glick davidglick at groundwire.org
Sat Feb 25 23:21:41 UTC 2012

Hey framework team, is there anything I can do to expedite the FWT's review of PLIP 12227? https://dev.plone.org/ticket/12227

Martin created a PLIP buildout 5 weeks ago but afaik there has been no follow-up from the FWT yet.


p.s. I would be willing to serve on the FWT again if you need more capacity.

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It's been submitted for 4.3. No word from the FWT yet.

Main missing pieces are better default theme skeleton and some JS cleanup.

On 25 Feb 2012, at 21:41, David Glick <dglick at gmail.com><mailto:dglick at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey Martin and Nathan,
> Are you guys doing any work on the optilude-ace branch of plone.app.theming? I'd really like to see this make it into Plone sooner rather than later. What are the blockers?
> cheers,
> David

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